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They didn't have a card that said "Sorry, I almost sent you to prison" .

One day, these posts will be known as the Ms. Fiction Gospel.

Leslie Ann
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name Leslie Ann

political/religious spectrum Evil Conservative Libertarian. My father is Jewish, my mother is Catholic, and I couldn’t care less. And no, I don’t want help finding Jesus.

fandoms TV/movies/books/awesome things in general Joss Whedon (Buffy/Angel/Firefly), Harry Potter, Lost, Twilight [Series], Doctor Who, Life On Mars [UK], Chuck, Psych, Supernatural, NCIS, True Blood, Burn Notice, Veronica Mars, House, Disney Channel (Hannah Montana/Life With Derek/Phil of The Future), Ugly Betty, Reaper, Dead Like Me, Star Wars, law (that’s right, law is one of my fandoms), and the list goes on.

digital art I love making icons. In fact I make too many, but that is another story. Find all my icon posts HERE. Yes, I do require credit. Sorry, freeloaders.


credit RESOURCES ///// Firefly Mood Theme made by prettyfancy
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friending My journal is half-half. But only things that I could possibly get in trouble for saying are flocked. I post about fandom stuff and real life. And I take pictures, make icons, and I’ve started posting fanfiction along the way.

sock journal Everyone is doing it : msficrocksocks


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